Thursday, September 8, 2011

Homecoming 101: What Dress Your Need and Why You Need It...

It's time to start bringing out my favorite V neck sweaters and while you're digging through your closet you might realize you have NOTHING to wear for your Homecoming game that is right around the corner. You probably love getting all of your girlfriends together to put on your make-up and help each other with your hair styles, but do you know why you're all together zipping each other up and borrowing your best friends heels?
Homecoming is all about school spirit and this big night is a time for graduates to return to their alma mater to mingle with their classmates and meet their peers that followed in their footsteps. The homecoming tradition is an American celebration, and the exact school of the first annual homecoming is up for debate. The only fact known is that it began in colleges and universities, and slowly spilled down into American high schools.

While some traditions might vary from school to school, there are the basics. First, there is usually a pep rally the day before, or the same night of the biggest game of the season. Students traditionally dress up for this and girl's sport their short flirty dresses and heels while guys dress up in button up shirts and ties. All girls usually flaunt their own distinctive style in the short dresses, unless they are on the homecoming court. If you're an underclassman shopping for your dress, check out this Jasz Couture 4403! I love the coral color and the unique gathered skirt with feathers!

Long gowns are worn by the attendees of the homecoming court. The homecoming court is a group of selected juniors and seniors chosen to represent the school and it's spirit. There is usually a crowning ceremony for a homecoming king and queen. If you're in the court, you will obviously need a stunning floor length dress to look the part! The dress doesn't need to be too flashy for the fall. You don't really NEED the all over sequin Sherri Hill gown, but every dress shopper is different. I would suggest a gown that is simple and elegant. The Blush dress C027 makes a GREAT formal dress in the ivory and gold. This flowing jersey will flatter most any shape and the overall design is so classic!

We have a TON of short and long dresses that just arrived from Jovani, Mac Duggal, and Tony Bowls! Although, I am pretty excited about the Sherri Hill stock order! Just wait until you see what she's come up with!

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