Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Move Over Sherri Hill

We carry so many different designers for prom pageant and bridal that it would be easier for me to tell you which lines we DIDN'T carry. The dresses, shoes, jewelry, make-up, and hair the combinations of looks is almost unlimited! But only a select few can say they have celebrity clients and Miss America regulars.

Yes, Sherri Hill has dressed many Miss America's BUT I am predicting a log of Mac Duggal evening gowns at this years Miss America's pageant! It's easy to see why out of dozens and dozens of designers that Mac Duggal is probably one of, if not THE , favorite.

Mac Duggal has a way of keeping the sentimental value of prom, the energy of the pageant stage, and still put his own unique touch on every one of his designs! So, it should come as no surprise why the cast and crew of the hit movie Country Strong chose a Mac Duggal gown (pictured) for Gwyneth Paltrow to wear for her character's moment in the spotlight. (You know me, some southern drawl, fitted gowns, and rhinestone sparkle and I'm on board!) Mac (no, not make-up) also has a way of setting and following current couture trends that you see in Vogue, Bazaar, on the Runway, and on the red carpet and bringing them to this industry.

For example, the nude gown Paltrow rocked in Country Strong is one of the BIGGEST trends for this pageant season 2011 and for the spring! Nudes, pinks, and light golds can be seen everywhere from adorable nude beaded Sherri Hill cocktail dresses (but that's if you order 12 -18 weeks in advance. That's also IF they actually make the dress for your wear date. I LOVE her designs but you apparently have to order them MONTHS in advance.) I am seeing tons of Nude pumps with spring skirts and even glossy nude lips. (Thank you Gaga for your BEAUTIFUL :) Viva Glam Mac campaign. Yes, now I am talking about make-up.)

Mac also took a chance with his little girl pageant line, Sugar and it has been a huge success! Sure, he could have taken his designs and patterns from his original gowns and slightly modified them for this line like some popular high end prom pageant designers did. Instead, he took a refreshing approach to what a little girl pageant dress should be. Not the same dress you've seen in every color over and over again on Toddlers and Tiaras. (Thank you TLC for very one sided look at the sport of pageantry and an amazing extreme couponing show that really makes me think how many more amazing ties I could buy if I just clipped stuff out of the Sunday paper...)
There is no other pageant line that can compete with Sugar and I can't tell you how often I get phone calls and emails and pictures of my little girls who have won in Sugar dresses.

So obviously if you need to feel like a movie star, a runway model, a beauty queen, or just the baddest chick that walks in the room I would suggest Mac Duggal and DressProm.net. Or PageantDesigns.com. Or DimitraDesigns.com. That's right we now have THREE sites which is why I have been MIA for so long. Or just give me a call 864 467 0801. Unless your iPhone froze and you Droid somehow blew up and Verizon Wireless is looking for a way to not get you a new one, you can email me at info@dimitradesigns.com.

Off to work on the new Homecoming 2011 collections...

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