Thursday, October 7, 2010


I was flipping through the new Paparazzi by Mori Lee prom catalogue for Prom night 2011 and found this AWESOME little number. I love it because its EVERYTHING girls are looking for in a prom dress, all rolled into one fun and beautiful prom gown that will have people talking!

From the heavily beaded sweetheart neckline, cumberbun cinched waistline and a breathtaking printed REMOVEABLE skirt, this dress is ideal for a girl who wants something different and show stopping. Another reason I find this fabulous prom gown even more amazing is that the removeable train can be taken off after the prom festivities simmer down, and you have a adorable short cocktail dress to wear for after prom, or a night on the town. And with a price range between 398.00 - 425.00 it's no wonder this gown is going to be so hot this prom season.


Monday, October 4, 2010

We've all seen the amazingly hot blue Monalo Blahnik heels that were practically a character in themselves in the first Sex and the City film. (Pause to be mad at Bigs.) And from the moment Carrie Bradshaw presented the shoes that would be under her Vivian Westwood wedding gown (which was originally a t-length wedding gown by the way...the peek-a-boo tull effect was added to the gown later just for this movie) girls everywhere started putting their something blue on their pretty manicured feet. (Later I saw a wave of bright red for a more vintage motif.)
But lets open the piggy banks and refrain from over drafting our bank accounts. A lot of brides do not have Blahnik money to blow. The hypnotic peacock blue pumps with silver cigarette heel and dazzling crystal buckle embellishment will run you around 950.00. That's some brides whole attire budget alone...So, how can you get this timeless shoe and not have to sacrifice your wedding cake?
I usually find a similar style (like the one above) and simply dye it to match! My only word of advice here is to MAKE SURE you are purchasing a dyeable shoe! I can't tell you how many brides of mine have bought shoes elsewhere, brought them into the store to be dyed then realize the shoes they have found might be beautiful, but also may not be dyeable. Keep in mind silk bridal shoes can NOT be dyed. So double check with wherever you get your shoes that they can be dyed to whatever color you may want them to be. ( I am in love with the idea of blue shoes, but right now I am totally wanted girls to rock a yellow shoe...just an idea...)
Having a bright colored shoe makes for many creative photo opps and also can be a great way to express your own style! Check out many more dyeable and bridal shoes at! And remember...put the best foot forward in your wedding attire.