Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Underworkings of A Blushing Bride

You've found the perfect gown and your standing on a platform getting your first fitting. At this point you may have noticed a few things that need nipping and tucking besides your hem and bustle. For example, you may have the large gap from the bust of your dress to your chest. Maybe you've noticed a little extra in the stomach region that needs smoothing out. Maybe you just want your bust to look bigger that day.
This is why you need the long formal bra (as pictured)! This will fix all three problems listed above and believe it or not the fit of your gown is crucial to how you look and feel in it. What this bra is going to do is make everything go in...and push a couple things up...
Most bridal salons have these on hand for you to try on with the gown. (We do here in our store.) I am a firm believer in that the fit is just as important to how pretty the gown actually is. When the gown is altered to fit you, you will fill more confident and this will show in your pictures.
I find that most girls will take the "easy" or "cheap" way out and have cups sewn in. While in some cases this works out beautifully, in most it does not. If you are going to spend 25 - 30 dollars to have cups sewn in you could pay just a little more, and get a bra out of the deal to use for future formal occasions. And lets be honest, there are only so many things cups are good for. Filling in, and maybe lifting.
Dressing you outside and underneath...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Too Much of A Good Thing. Why Mixmatching Works...

I had a bride just last week who really, really,
really LOVED hot pink. We were selecting bridesmaids styles, and after each gown I pulled immediately followed was, "CUTE! DOES IT COME IN HOT PINK?!" Between flipping through swatches and checking color availability, I scanned the bridesmaids she had with her.

I noticed she had one blonde, a red head, and two commonly brown headed girls. In my head I am thinking okay the blonde is gonna look great in this and maybe the two brown headed girls, if they tan. The red head in the hot pink is going to be quite the sore thumb standing at the alter.

After hearing how the bride was wearing hot pink shoes, was going to go with hot pink bridesmaids dresses, how the grooms and groomsman were going to be in paisley hot pink vests and hot pink ties, and how she managed to find hot pink roses for her bouquet. *Insert screeching break sound effect here* I took a deep breath, and decided it was time to have the talk with the tickled pink bride.

First off I would like to say that NO not EVERY bridal party has to be mix matched. You can do the same color for every girl if this is exactly what you want. However, I always suggest doing another color to compliment your party color to add a little contrast for pictures.

The reason I like mix matching different dresses and colors is simple. Not every girl looks great in the same shade of your color as every one else in your party might. You want bridesmaids to have some sort of similarities, which yes, is traditional and looks great in your photos. But, you also want your bridesmaids to look pretty and feel great too.

After we picked the styles that we liked for the bridesmaids party, we checked to make sure they came in hot pink. They all did, and this was where we had the talk.

I could tell in the red heads face, she was not looking forward to this loud shade of pink. And she shouldn't be. This is when i casually said, "You know what would be really pretty and really different for pictures?"

"What?" asked tickled pink.

"What if I showed you different colors..." I asked with hesitation falling from my mouth and onto the color swatches between us. She looked puzzled for a moment, and as I showed her light pink, bubblegum, and hot pink all together, I could tell the pieces were coming together in her head, and eventually a smile.

"Oh, we could do all of those colors together!" She exclaimed. We then checked that all the dresses we picked out were available in all the pinks, and success. They were. Now, the red head smiled with relief at the new baby doll pink she was to wear (and look great in with her fair skin). Now, only one girl was to wear the hot pink and that was the maid of honor. Yet another mass of color prevented, and an opportunity for a more stylish, happy bridesmaids party for her wedding day was in the works.

Keep in mind you will have flowers to tie in all the colors to make your wedding party look more uniform. Jewelry and shoes is also a great way to tie all the loose colored ends together. Bridesmaids attire has come such a long way over the years.

Embrace the new, remember the old...


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Homecoming...It'll be here before you know it...

Most high school will be starting back in less than a month and NOW is the time to shop for the perfect homecoming dress. Shopping now means less stress and you won't be picking from what's left on the racks two weeks before you need to look better than the homecoming queen herself.
The trend for fall this year on the runways will be a more tailored fitted look, and as far as color goes metallics, black, and neutrals are whats in. That's why I found this little number by Sherri Hill.
This dress would be PERFECT to stand out in homecoming court! The shape is tailored, the color is festive, and the design and material is kept somewhat futuristic (which is all over the place right now) yet at the same time gives a retro glam vibe that would have any girl feeling sexy.
Giving the catwalk its claws...

Monday, July 19, 2010

More Than Just A Chip...

The one-shouldered look hit the runways in 2009, just in time to wrap up the decade in a new, futuristic, avant-garde neckline. All of the hottest designers were rocking out the asymmetrical look for an edgy look that followed with celebrities sporting this look on the red carpet.

I am so happy to see this look and how what I thought would be a trend has made its way from edgy runway looks, to many gowns now hanging on the racks in the store here. This neckline has managed to show up in many prom gowns last year, and even the clean cut look in design has been softened to work on wedding gowns and pageant dresses.

I've also started to see strategic cut-outs in one shouldered gowns for an even more science fiction futuristic trend. One shouldered gowns with draped sleeves are also becoming a hit in bridal fashion for a Grecian look. Even embellishments such as bead work and textured rosettes are being placed on the one shoulder for a more dimensional look.

Although we saw the one shouldered look last prom season, I am predicting a HUGE demand for this neckline for prom 2010 and I plan on seeing it done in many ways. So, who can pull of this neckline?

Girls that need enhancement in the bust and want to show off their toned shoulders and arms can rock this look. I find that bustier ladies simply can not wear this because it makes the bust even larger, and the neckline just doesn't seem to lay right, making the neck look smaller as well.

Keeping you ahead...


Friday, July 2, 2010

Its a Big Day for Mom Too

You've found your wedding gown, had it altered and it's hanging up ready for your big day. The bridesmaids have been ordered. The tuxedos have been selected. You've paid your deposits for vendors. Now it's finally time to find the perfect dress for mom!
I've found that this is one of the last choices made in the wedding party attire selections, and I also find most moms dread this for many reasons. Most mothers of the bride and groom have not had to purchase a formal gown in awhile. This can lead to uncertainty of what looks good on them, and most moms are not sure what they are looking for. There are some guidelines to make this process easier, and there are also a few rules to follow:
-Mother of the BRIDE gets to shop first. I am unsure why, but it is proper wedding attire shopping etiquette that the mother of the bride gets to select her gown first. Keep in mind that the mother of the groom should not select a color or style that is too similar to the mother of the brides.
-Do NOT wear the same color of the bridesmaids! However, you may wear a different shade of the bridesmaids color. For example, if they bridesmaids are wearing pink, mom can wear a different shade of pink, or even red.
-Keep in mind, PICTURES. Both mothers will be in a TON of pictures, so I recommend keeping your gown elegant, however do NOT chose something that will draw attention from the bride.
As far as long or short, mothers dresses have come a long way! A lot of designers such as Sarah Danielle, montage, and JDL Boutique have some HOT short mother of the bride/groom styles. This is my rule of thumb for this...It doesn't matter the length of the gown. Normally, if its after six you should wear floor length, however I am totally open to wearing a shorter gown, so long as is it elegant enough for the occasion. The advantage to a shorter dress is the ease in being able to wear it again, and this of course means less alterations, which means more dress for your dollar in the long run.
While we are on the subject, if your finding it difficult falling in love with a dress in the mother of the bride section, I have had a TON of luck find the perfect gown in the bridesmaid section. This will open up your options as far as style and color is concerned. All that would be needed is perhaps a jacket or shawl, and the perfect shoes and accessories. This way mom isn't looking matronly, and everyone is happy.
I hope these pointers help in your search for the right dress. Remember, this is a big day for you, just as much as it is for your soon to be married son or daughter.
(Just got word of new gowns to the shipment line!)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

...Just Breathe...

So your hair is great, your make-up is flawless, your dress...oh no! The button fell off! The zipper wont budge! There is foundation on the neckline! Calm down. Just breathe. I have assembled the perfect kit for your big day, just because these things DO happen.

I would suggest keeping these things in a small tackle box with compartments, or any other small container.

1. spool of white and black thread.

2. needles

3. assorted buttons (most gowns come with extra buttons)

4. hook and eye

5. crazy glue (gorilla glue is what I recommend. I cant tell you how many of my drag queen friends and pageant contestants SWEAR by it.)

6. Bobby pins (They aren't just for your hair)

7. A stain removing pen. (Shout, Clorox, there are so many brands but you ll be glad you have one no matter who made it) or fabric cleaning wipes.