Friday, June 18, 2010

Just in time for your late summer or fall wedding

I walked into work this morning and noticed some amazing new dresses hanging on the new shipment rack. Before I could even sit my coffee down, I walked over and felt the soft silky taffeta and the colors caught my eye immediately.

I noticed the dresses were by Angelina Faccenda, the new designer bridesmaid gowns from Mori Lee. After I saw the color availability (aqua, berry, cerise, emerald, mandarin, jade, onyx, sunflower, wisteria, and many more unique bold colors) and felt the material my first reaction was 'this is gonna be expensive'. I pulled the price tag and noticed it was only 130.00! PERFECT! Chic, flattering, easy to wear again, and AFFORDABLE!

There are many other designers that we carry that offer similar styles. Cute, affordable, and able to wear it again. But there is something about the Angelina Faccenda collection that blows away the Alfred Angelo Purely collection. (Love Alfred but you have to admit when you are outdone :) )

Call today to make an appointment to view these beautiful dresses your girls will actually WANT to wear!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here She Comes...

A lot of my Miss Teen South Carolina and Miss South Carolina contestants have been coming in getting their last minute jewelry and their final nips and tucks on their evening gowns. I've gathered a few of their tips, as well as my own, to give to rising beauty queens who may be competing in some summer or high school pageants to come...

-Smile, smile, smile, and when your jaw is in so much pain, smile again.

-When on stage, hold your head and walk as if there is already a crown on your head. Don't forget to smile. Scan the judges, scan the audience, then back at the judges again. If you have trouble looking the judges in the eye, that's okay. Just look at their foreheads.

-Swimsuit is not about who has the hottest body. This is a test of confidence to see who can carry themselves in what feels like underwear.

-On your fact sheet, don't give it all away. Leave some answers vague so that the judges have to think and ask you questions. Also, DO NOT LIE ON YOUR FACT SHEET! If you get caught it will cost you. You can be the girl next door on your fact sheet and not seem boring. Judges are looking for unique hobbies and talents. Play sports? Double jointed? Breed lizards? put it down on your fact sheet. These small things make you stand out from the rest of the girls. Keep in mind that 99% of question and answer comes from your fact sheet. I also suggest having someone proofread your sheet before turning it in.

-Chose a platform that means something TO YOU, not something that you think will impress the judges. A good way of impressing the judges is to drop a fact from your platform in the interview session. If your platform is cancer, maybe someone famous recently passed away from the illness. Touching on this during the interview will show you are involved in your platform.

-Evening gown does not have to be a completely beaded gown to have stage presence. Pick something that looks good against your skin tone. I've learned the best evening gown colors are reds, whites, blues, pinks, and SOMETIMES black. Although I always say black is too safe, and may come back to bite you if the stage background is black (which it often is). Chose a gown you feel confident in, and a train never hurts either.

-Keep swimsuit simple. Pick solid bold colors that compliment your skin tone and hair color.

-Hair should be elegant for evening gown, yet simple enough for swimsuit. I suggest styles that are easy to style backstage and NATURAL in looks. PROM UP-DO's WILL NOT CUT IT. Consult with your stylist many times before the pageant.

-Jewelry is easy. Big rhinestone earrings to pull attention to the face. Enough said. This should be all you need. If you are wearing a one-shouldered gown, pick earrings that do not fall on the strap or compete with the neckline of your dress. After all, CONFIDENCE will be your BEST ACCESSORY.

-Diet pills DO NOT WORK. Once you find your evening gown I suggest MAINTAINING your weight. If you loved it when you try it on, it may not fit or look the same if you lose weight or gain anything. Cut out sodas before the pageant to prevent bloating and break outs.

-Tan. You do not need to look like leather, but a tan helps show muscle tone and will keep you from washing out on stage.

-BE PREPARED BACKSTAGE. Make sure everything you will wear is pressed, steamed, ironed and hung up in garment bags. I suggest hanging the attire in the order you will wear them on stage. Take extra shoes, earrings, sewing kit and bras. You never know what could happen. I've been backstage and have items go "missing".

-HAVE FUN! If any of this starts to seem like a chorr than maybe pageants aren't for you. Pagentry can be an expensive, yet rewarding hobby. There are many scholarhsips and prize money to winners and even girls who happen to place.

I hope some of this is helpful to the rising Miss Americas out there.

Thanks for reading!


I've noticed quite the trend with ball gowns this wedding season (and I am TOTALLY okay with this) and this is one we recently got in from Allure Couture bridals.

This AMAZING unique ball gown features lace, with delicate chiffon rosettes scattered throughout the bust and skirt. A rushed taffeta waistline accentuates a smaller waist while a sweetheart neckline keeps the gown youthful.

I have fallen in love with the Couture collection from Allure. There is simply no other line out there quite like this one.

Visit to see more Allure Couture gowns and other gowns for your big day!