Friday, May 28, 2010

Tips for an EASY bridesmaid party experience

You've probably been a bridesmaid one or two or a million times, and now it's your turn to seek revenge for the taffeta nightmare you had to wear in Cousin Jane's wedding two Octobers ago.

Below are some tips to help the bridesmaid process a little easier:

-There is nothing wrong with looking for bridesmaids the same day as your wedding gown. You don't have to spend another two and a half hours after picking your dress to select your bridesmaid gowns. But it is a good idea to go ahead and get some planning done while your there. (I'm all for one stop shopping. That's why I work at Dimitra Designs.)

-Go ahead and pick your color (or colors). If you're unsure of what colors to do consider the season of the wedding, your favorite color, or even your school colors. (If you both met at college I think that could be a really cool idea.) Get creative. Another thing to consider is one or two colors? Most wedding parties choose two colors. My suggestion is maybe picking ONE color and doing different shades of the same color. Not everyone looks good in the shade of purple that your made of honor looks great in.

-In matters of style consider your range of body types. If you want your girls in one style, select a dress that will flatter any body shape or select two styles that complement one another. You can also pick a dress that comes with straps, or a dress that straps or a halter top may be easily added.

-One of the best pieces of advice for a happy stress-free bride is this...DO NOT BRING YOUR ENTIRE PARTY TO SELECT THE BRIDESMAID DRESSES. I can not tell you how stressful and unorganized this can get. BY doing this you will hear TONS of opinions, suggestions, and other chatter that might only frustrate you in the process. The best way of doing this is letting the girls pick between the two or three styles you have selected for them. This way, your girls will have somewhat of a say so in the decision, and you are getting what you want for your wedding party.

-Make DEADLINES. Most bridesmaid gowns can take up to sixteen weeks to order! Not to mention you will have to allow time for alterations. Once the gowns have been selected I usually tell my brides to place the order a month and a half later. Tell your girls ONE MONTH just for peace of mind. I've learned that a lot of girls will order late, and it becomes quite the headache having to rush, or super rush, the dress to make sure she has the dress in time. Meanwhile, you're worrying if she can be in the wedding or not. Bottom line is saves you SO MUCH when you order on time. This means no rush fees and no stress.

-Discuss a price range over lunch. Make sure you pick dresses that everyone can afford. I've seen this way too many times. The brides selects a gown that one or more of the girls cant really afford at the time and I've seen girls that had to be dropped from the party because of this. The best way to approach this as a bride is this...ask your girls flat out, "I really want you to be a part of my wedding. If you can't really pay the cost of the dress just let me know." Perhaps arrangements can be made. This will be good to know ahead of time when you make your bridal party list.

There are a few designers I love to use for my brides. Enzoani (Love), Bari Jay, and Alfred Angelo have three of my favorite designers for bridesmaids. Alfred Angelo has GREAT wear-it-again styles that are both fashionable and affordable. Bari Jay has AWESOME modern designs. Love by Enzoani are for the couture party and the color pallet for this line is so unique! These styles can also be found on the red carpet!

If you have any questions about Bridesmaids feel free to shoot me an email! and be sure to check our some of our bridesmaid styles at

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The bridal appointment at any salon should NOT just cover finding the perfect dress. There are other things to consider when outfitting yourself for your wedding day, and after we find THE dress the question always comes up...Are you going to wear a veil?

I dress a lot of brides who respond with "I don't want a bunch of poof on my head." "No, I think they look stupid." or "Are you serious?!" I can totally understand not wanting to have a lot of stupid poof on your head, but before you completely rule out not wearing a veil you should consider finding a veil that complements your style and one that does not compete with the look of your wedding gown. Veils have come a long way since the mass volume of tulle crowning at the top of ones bridal up-do. Your consultant should be showing you different options when choosing your headpiece and veil.

When trying on different styles consider my research:

- The blusher is a simple veil that is drapped over the face and is a big part in the ceremoney. This is the veil that is lifted by the father at the alter to give away his daughter, or by the groom before the kiss. Both are very special moments in a girls life. (be sure to tell your photographer to capture this! I had a bride frame this for her father and place the picture in a shadowbox next to the veil as a 'thank you' for all he had done for the wedding.)

- The elbow length veil is the most common length of veil that my brides chose and is traditionally the veil that is passed down to your daughter, or daughter-in-law. This veil (along with any veil) could have lace edging, beading, or any other form of embelishment to compliement your gown.

-The fingertip is a beautiful length that adds a little drama to your look. The length is also called a mantilla. The mantilla is a spanish veil that has worked its way into American bridal fashion.

- The Cathedral veil. The veil is also called the unity veil. Your maid or matron of honor ties your chair and the grooms chair together at the reception to symbolize the unity between you two as husband and wife. After the reception, the mother of the bride is given the veil and keeps until the first born. Afterwards, you line the babies bassenet with the veil to symbolize the unity between the two familys. This is the most dramatic looking of the veils, and I always recomend just a plain single layer cathedral veil. It does so much to your look without adding a lot of glitz and volume to your look.

I hope you found this little bridal history lesson of value. Be sure to check out or veils and headpieces on to find your own veil and bridal accesories!

I'm off to check out one of our new lines that has come in! I'll fill you all in when I get back!


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello everyone! I am Cory and I have been a evening wear and formal stylist since I graduated High School. One reason I love what I do is making any girl feel her part, whether it be your wedding day, pageant, prom, or just a formal night on the town. I have many years of experience with bridal fashion and design not only for the bride, but for the entire wedding party. I also have dressed many pageant contestants from little girl pageants, to Miss America and have had many winners along the way.

I work for Dimitra Designs in Greenville, South Carolina. We are a full service bridal and formal salon complete with couture wedding, pageant, bridesmaid, tuxedos, and everything in between. We even have a full service hair and make-up salon on site to complete your head to toe look.

I take pride in my attention to detail to make sure you look your very best when you need to be remembered. Keep checking back for details on wedding and pageant tips, hot trends, and new designers! I am also open to questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Until next time,